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Business Valuations

What's Your Business Worth?

As a business owner, you need to know your position with regard to assets versus liabilities. A strong understanding of your real asset position is essential for the purposes of refinancing or gaining capital loans and, like any investment, it's important to know whether your assets are growing or declining in value.

To truly know the status of your assets, your business needs to be valued regularly. Unlike your home -- the value of which may increase dramatically for reasons outside of your control -- your business is a living, breathing entity that grows when the right forces are applied to it.

Business valuations measure those forces to determine if they are beneficial to your success. If specific actions -- such as changing processes or team structure -- have a positive impact to the value of your business, you want to be sure you continue in that direction. On the other hand, if the wrong forces have been applied and your company’s value is decreasing, it's time to change course.

Your Business Performance Team helps you indentify alternative applications that put your business in a position to successfully increase its value. Periodic review of the value of your business with your expert business advisors ultimately helps you increase your organization's value much more quickly.