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Retirement Plan Services

Third Party Administration

Retirement. It’s the goal that you and your employees work toward every day. It is a source of motivation and inspiration for your workforce. That’s why it's so important to choose the right retirement plan services partner for your business.

With all the rules, regulations and administrative procedures tied into corporate and not-for-profit retirement plans, you need someone you can trust to handle your retirement plan services right. After all, plans that fail to comply with these complex rules and regulations run the risk of costly penalties and tax consequences. Your retirement plan third party administration requires an in-depth knowledge of everything required to keep your plan in compliance and maintain a comprehensive overview of the plan’s status at all times.

You need a firm capable of providing the flexibility, knowledge and expertise necessary to help you navigate the complex technical demands of third party administration. You need a firm capable of customizing its retirement plan services around the unique needs of your business and its employees. You need EG Conley.

As your third party administrator, EG Conley offers the protection and monitoring you need to maintain compliance at all times, providing you and your employees with the retirement plan solutions you need to reach your goals. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all regulatory changes and provide the following essential retirement plan services:

  • Perform Top Heavy Testing
  • Calculate employee eligibility and plan entry
  • Maintain participant vested percentage records
  • Process each payroll, allocating contributions and loan payments according to the participant’s investment elections
  • Process fund transfers in accordance with participant elections
  • Determine eligibility for allocation of employer contributions and forfeitures
  • Allocate employer and employee contributions
  • Allocate plan earnings
  • Allocate forfeitures, if applicable
  • Distribution processing: calculation of distribution amount, preparation of required distribution notices, release forms and IRS Forms 1099-R, 1096, 945 and 5500
  • Loan processing: setup of loan accounts, preparation of promissory note and amortization schedule and tracking loan repayments
  • Hardship withdrawal processing: determination of hardship distribution amount and preparation of application forms
  • Reconcile Trust accounts
  • Prepare customized participant statements
  • Monitor participants who are required to receive age 70½ distributions

Ready to discover the benefits of choosing EG Conley as your retirement plan services partner?